Why Theta Chi Members Need Custom Apparel

Why Theta Chi Members Need Custom Apparel

Why Theta Chi Members Need Custom Apparel 

Being a Theta Chi is a high honor bestowed upon the very best men. What better way to celebrate your involvement in this organization than to get custom apparel for any and all of your fraternity events? There is always a need to get a custom design done for your events or get lots of cool gear to share with your brothers! Need Custom Apparel for you and your Chapter? Get yours today, click here!


One of the biggest events to get custom apparel for is homecoming or formal! Even if your event doesn’t have a specific theme, getting a custom design is such a great way to celebrate and commemorate. These are also easy to sell to attendees, making it also a great fundraiser for your chapter! Having a great custom tee is an awesome way to share more about your fraternity and even up involvement for years afterward!


Whether you’re playing in a sports tournament or just having a tabling event, getting matching custom apparel is a must. Customized jerseys, tee shirts, hats, and even socks are all great to have for your fundraisers. What better way to show your unity and excitement as a chapter than to have great custom apparel? The options for these events are endless!


Another great event to get custom apparel for is parties. You can get customized cups for special parties like young alumni weekend, or even get customized tees if you throw big parties or have parents come for parents weekend. Having a commemorative tee for these events can really hype up your event and make it even more special. 


One of the best reasons to get custom apparel is for recruitment. Whether you’ve already been a member of Theta Chi for a while or a new member, having custom apparel from rush week makes being a brother even more special. Having a specific tee to show others that you went Theta Chi or even just to celebrate your fraternity is super special!

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