Qualities and Characteristics of Theta Chi Brothers

Qualities and Characteristics of Theta Chi Brothers

Qualities and Characteristics of Theta Chi Brothers 

Theta Chi is a fraternity with over 159 active chapters and over 200,000 initiates since its creation. Founded in 1856 at Norwich University in Norwich, Vermont, its mission is to develop college-aged men into successful students, good citizens, lifelong brothers, and resolute leaders. Theta Chi prioritizes values of friendship, knowledge, truth, temperance, tolerance, and usefulness. Theta Chi brothers believe in a lifelong commitment to their brotherhood and fraternal organization.

True Friendship: An “Assisting Hand”

Theta Chi’s motto is Θηρόποεα Χείρ, meaning “Assisting Hand.” To Theta Chi, this means prioritizing true friendship amongst their brothers and community. Theta Chi brothers aim to achieve harmony within their chapters and prevent strife between members. By prioritizing true friendship, Theta Chi is able to set the standard of a close brotherhood and uphold brotherly relationships between its members through graduation and onwards. 


One of the most important aspects of Theta Chi is the fraternity’s commitment to fostering a community of men dedicated to their education. By prioritizing education, Theta Chi pushes their members to excel academically and be involved on their campuses. Theta Chi realizes and emphasizes that first and foremost, their brothers are at school to pursue their education. 

Truth, Temperance, and Tolerance

Truth, temperance, and tolerance are some of the most important parts of being a Theta Chi. These virtues are what every member aims to learn and share with their brothers. Theta Chi prioritizes honesty, self restraint, and understanding in order to foster a beneficial brotherhood. By having all members exemplify these virtues, Theta Chi is able to prosper and succeed as a brotherhood.


In addition to the virtues mentioned above, Theta Chi also prioritizes usefulness. To Theta Chi, usefulness means lending a hand to a fellow brother, strangers, or even for communities as a whole. Theta Chi’s emphasis on usefulness also translates to their dedication to service and philanthropy. Members of Theta Chi are involved in a variety of different service organizations on campus while also dedicating themselves to various philanthropic organizations. 


All of Theta Chi’s ideals culminate into one entity: their creed.

“I believe in Theta Chi, its traditions and its ideals. Born of sturdy manhood, nurtured by resolute men, ennobled by high and sacred purpose, it has taken its place among the educational institutions of America as a promoter of knowledge, an advancer of culture and a builder of character."

"It inspires true friendship: teaches truth, temperance and tolerance, extols virtue, exacts harmony, and extends a helping hand to all who seek it."

“I believe in the primacy of alma mater; in the usefulness of my fraternity, in its influence and its accomplishments and I shall do all in my power to perpetuate its ideals, thereby serving my God, my country and my fellow-man.”

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